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We are a consulting division that will hrlp your company with business and system consultancy to make your business processes become more effective and efficient with our “Special Method”.

We started our consulting division in 2012, when we helped one of our clients in retail business (one of the market leaders in indonesia) to propose operational and system reformation. We realized that to make taht happen we had to start with business process reformation, because the system was being used by people in an organization to make business process more effective and efficient. Without business process reformation, our system reformation solution would not be used effectively.

Since 2012, we have delivered business and system solutions for several business in the food industry, including food factory and restaurant.

“At least 40% of all business will die in the next 10 years. If they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco System

“The only way you survice is you continuously transform into something else. It’s the idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innoavation company.”


as-is condition

AS-IS Condition

Find Your Company’s Problems

  • We will find out how business processes are executed in the company through hearing and shadowing.
  • Identify company problems through interviews and data analysis. We will help you identify two categories of problems in your company. The first category is problems that can be easily identified, because everyone can see it clearly. The second is hidden problems that are hard to see without the whole, detailed picture about how business processes are really executed inside the company.
to be condition


Find your Company’s Purpose/Target

  • Define the company vision for the future and translate it into business functions and numbers (for example : sales, profit, % cost down, % business growth, inventory level, etc) that have to be achieved in a certain period of time. The purpose statement can be about numbers in the financial report, your mission to expand your business and raise your market share, and many other things.
Business Transformation
Business transformation


01. Gap Analysis

  • Find and Describe the Gap between As-is Condition and to-be condition.
  • Find root cause of your company’s problems through data analysis results and a business process map.

02. Propose Business Solutions, such as :

  • Organizational structure transformation
  • Definition of each division’s functions
  • Operational working flow between and inside each division

03. Propose System Solutions, such as :

  • Changing of system management working flow
  • New Algorithms to be implemented in current or new system
  • New Technology that can be implemented to support our proposed business solution
  • Current System reformation and new system design.

04. Help Your Companny To Make It Happen