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Nowadays, bussiness are growing rapidly. This has resulted in even tougher competition ever. Companies are struggling to expand their bussines to increase profits. Companies must be precise and careful in making decision in order to survive in bussiness competition. In increasingly complicated condition, nowadays, decision making cannot be performed only by intuition. Hence decision making driven by data analysis is mandatory. For example, to sell a product, not only pricing and the quality of the goods that matter, but elements such as customer’s profile, market trend, geographical aspect, and seasons also play and important roles.

Did You Know ?

“You have a greater chance to make the right solution when you have clear and accurate information to diagnos the problem.”



Strengthen your problem solving and decision making based on speedy and accurate data
Enable solid and smooth coordination among divisionby having the same perspective in data analysis
Transform data into meaningful report
Create reguler report automatically, saving time, and enable user to concentrate on report analisys

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey  Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm & Inside the Tornado



Ease of accessing data globally or per unit wherever and whenever.
Flexible Report Vizualization

Flexible report vizualization

Allows visualization of reports in popular formats, such as view on-screen (desktop, mobile*), excel, and PDF. Hence allowing user to manage report further.

Filter Function

Filter function

Allow users to view reports according to their specific needs.

Save Criteria

Save Criteria

Do not worry about forgetting what report you opened last time. This function allows you to load the last selected criterias.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Access anywhere anytime

RIS can be accessed via PC, notebook, tablet*, or smartphone*.

Report Data Retention As Your Needs

Report Data retention as your needs

Can provide reports up to certain periods of time, hence enable medium and long-term analysis.

Renotech Information System in an application software that provides reports to support Users in analyzing the business. Renotech Information System can process data such as sales, promotion, customer profile, order, etc into reports or analysis. These can help in making decisions to increase corporate profits, help determine new products and services and reach new customers.

Renotech Information System refers to 5 utilization of information :
Data Sourcing
Data Analyst
Situation Awareness
Risk Analysis
Decision Support

MODULES Mix and Combine According to your needs.