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Renotech Master Management System (RMMS)

Modern, comprehensive, and unifying master data management system, specifically created with customer perspective and requirement of master data. Data being used as references across multiple divisions in the organization are collected, cleansed, processed, formatted, and stored as master data. The result is consistent and consolidated master data, ready to be distributed and used by all transactional and analytical software application across the organization, in an online and offline fashion.

Renotech Master Management System covers most of organization domain needs. Users in Renotech Master Management System are defined according to their own groups and roles. Users can review past history, determining current state of data, and planning future states of data seamlessly. Approval process can be configured horizontally or vertically if needed.

Did You Know ?
“By using master data, organization can be more efficient in managing between Time, Cost, and Resources Ensuring that data are Reliable.”

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Traditional Interfacing vs RMMS


Traditional Interfacing

traditional interfacing





Advantages Of Renotech Master Management System


advantages of renotech master management system
1. Unifying Master Data
Renotech Master Management will enable the organization to easily integrate various master data sources, including internal or external data sources. Data sources integration can be done in online or batch fashion. Master data are collected, cleansed, processed, formatted and stored as golden records.
3. Enterprise Level User Management
In an organization, there are many people across different divisions working together providing master data for entire organization. Renotech Master Management understands by providing enterprise level user management. Users are defined by their groups and roles, imitate the organization structures and authorization as well. They are all working in harmony in providing integrated master data to the entire organization needs.
5. Master Data for Online Channels
Various online channels can access master data in real time fashion. Other application can access master data through web services provided.
2. Centralized and Integrated
All the organization domain data needs are stored here, including customer, store, branch, region, distribution center, supplier, principal, product, promotion, warehouse, employee data, etc. New domain data can be easily added to cope with the ever growing business needs. Past, present, and future state of data can be simultaneously maintained together.
4. Easy Configuration and Schedule
Renotech Master management can be easily tailor-made to suit the organization requirements. Each data has option in configuration, including mandatory, visibility, default value, etc. Master data schedule can cover regular schedule and hoc schedule.
6. Master Data for Offline Channels
Master data for offline channels are provided in the form of submaster. Submaster period can be configured, with  daily period as default. Submaster content can be easily change through our predefined format.