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Renotech Mobile Device Management

monitoring and controlling in your handNowadays, mobile working is the normal. To be able to do that, you need a mobile device with apps and data that you can access to anytime and anywhere. Along with the needs, there are still huge challenges such as how to control and monitor devices in centralized manner, and also the policies that should be applied in the mobile devices, including the apps and the data inside.

Renotech mobile device management  offers solution to monitor and to control mobile devices, while still focuses on security aspects which is still a hurdle in applying mobile working. It also offers application distribution related factors, and mobile devices administrative configuration.



Monitor and control mobile devices in smooth and easy manner.
Applying policies and monitoring regarding devices security aspects.
Easier to control and distribute applications to mobile devices.
Protect company data saved in the mobile devices.



Lock & Unlock Devices

lock & unlock device

Device can be locked or unlocked manually and automatically according to the policy.
Application Management

Application management

Distribute and control application for each device.
White List Application

white list application

Only registered applications can be installed in the device.
Hardware Policies

hardware policies

Configuration for WiFi usage, Bluetooth, and USB.
Violation Log History

violation log history

List of violations occurred in each device.
Device Monitoring

device monitoring

Includes device’s location history, hardware related information, OS version, list of installed applications, and last updated device’s location map, etc.
Password Policies

password policies

Setting standard or default password.