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Managing One Store Is Easy,
But Growing Your Store Can Be A Big Challenge
If you Don’t Have The Right System From The Beginning.

Using Renotech system for POS, inventory management, finance and accounting, reporting and analysis, you can manage, grow, and innovate your business into a large scale operation because Renotech is designed to manage multiples stores with multiple Branch Offices in one Head Office.

Do You Know ?

Growing your business starts from choosing a scalable software.


Renotech POS and Store Solution System

  • Fast transaction and user friendly POS.
  • Manage stock inventory easier.
  • Records, monitors, and maintains all accounting and financial transactions in Store, Branch, or Head Office.
  • Analyze sales and stock in Store, Branch, or Head Office.
  • Centralized Data Master from Store, Branch, or Head Office.
  • Add new Store or new Branch easily.

How scalable is Renotech POS and Store Solution System ?

You can use Renotech for one store and one POS system.

As your business grows, you can add more POS in your store easily without any hassle.

As your business become bigger, you can easily create new stores, new branch offices ad connect them with Renotech.



We provide several packages you can choose based on your needs.

Point of Sales


Renotech Cashier POS System

Renotech POS System is a modern POS system designed for simple and easy learning, fast and reliable operation, highly modular.
It is fully equiped with many advanced point-of-sale features to enable you to fully control you business.
All these features will equip you with data that can be used for further analysis on how to innovate and grow your business.

Reporting and Analysis


Renotech Store Information System

Based on the data collected from the POS, Renotech system can provide many reports and charts to help you analyze your sales and customer behavior. These analysis are based on best practices of how you control and analyze your business. From these data, you can find out which products are sold the most and how many percentage, what is your customer demographic, when is the peak hour, and so on.

Based on these data, you can create new ideas of how to innovate your business such as : add more product that has the biggest sales, add more product that is relevant with your customer demographic, and so on.

6 Analysis to Control and Analyze Your Business :

  1. Understand the Sales
    By analyzing sales per product, per category, per hour in quantity and amount, SPD, STD, APC, gross margin.
  2. Understand the Sales
    By analyzing customer demographic in age and gender.
  3. Understand the Promotion Performance
    By analyzing the promoted items in transactions and the impact to sales.
  4. Understand the Sales
    By analyzing the transaction with debit card, credit card, prepaid card, and cash.
  5. Understand the Store Performance
    By analyzing royalty, waste stock, percentage of waste stock, ratio of sales contribution.
  6. Understand the Inventory
    By analyzing stock movement from receiving, used stock, and adjustment.

Store Management


Renotech Store Back Office System

Renotech provides stock management to help you manage your stock. It’s not just about recording the receiving, the stock used manually and automatic based on recipe. But also provides order replenishment, order recommendation based on history of receiving and stock used.

You can also check the stock movement anytime and see if any abnormal condition in your inventory occurs. You can check by looking at the quantity and amount from stock in and stock out in the stock management report.

Order Replenishment
Order recommendation based on history of receiving and stock used.
Purchase Order
Purchasing based on order recommendation or manual.
Receive stock based on purchase order or regular market.
Deduct Stock
Deduct stock manually or automatically based on recipe.
Transfer Stock
Transfer stock to other store and deduct stock automatically.
Adjustment Stock
Adjust stock based on several categories.
Stock Balance
Monitoring current stock.
Stock Card
Monitoring detail stock movement per date per transaction.
Stock Movement Report
Summary of stock movement, in and out, as the base of audit.
Stock Opname
Compare stock physically and by system. And create adjustment automatically.

Finance and Accounting


Renotech Store Finance and Accounting System

Renotech provides finance and accounting system to help you manage your finance from financial statement which is connected to sales data from POS system and inventory system.

This finance and accounting system also help to record general ledged, manage account payable / account receivable, cash in / out, fixed asset, and asset movement.From those functions, accounting and finance system will provide the financial statement including profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, and equity movement.