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Renotech Supplier Order System (RSuOS)

Renotech application system for handling order to Supplier. The main function of this system is creating and confirming Purchase Requistions (PRs), and then creating Purchase Orders (POs). And in order to streamline collaboration between divisions, this system also provides PO file intefacing to B2B channel, Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) file receiving and tranferring, interfacing good receipt from warehouse system and thus, enabling status tracking of POs from the time of creation in-transit to warehouse until goods receiving at warehouse.

Did You Know ?
“Inventory levels are managed by a combination of factors, including : forecast review, setting the level of safety stock by ABC classification, maintaining accurate product lead times, setting replenishment order quantities or lot sizes, expediting / de-expediting open replenishment orders and defining the order frequency periods.”



Help you optimizing stock by utilizing inventory visibility at the time of placing PRs or POs
Maintain the rhythm of order activities and suppliers goods delivery in regular base
Placing and managing order in simplicity and in traceability
Improve supply base management



Regular Order
Define regular timing for creating Purchase Order per supplier per product for regular order activities.
Purchase Requisiting for Regular Order
Enable user to create adn edit Purchased Requisition for regular order activities.
Scheduled Purchase Order Generation
Provide creation of Purchase Order by validating and grouping Purchase Requisitions by supplier and entity automatically.
Manual Purchase Order Generation
Create Purchase Order for incidental or irregular order activities.
Data Integration with warehouse system (RWMS)
Simplify receiving at warehouse by sharing purchase order information to warehouse system.
Order Status Monitoring
Provide status monitoring of a PO from its creation to receiving. Also enable user to monitor overdue PO or estimated delivery time of a PO.
Integrated Supplier Data Management with Renotech Master Data Management System Integration
Provide centralized and integrated supplier and product master management.
Replenishment Logic
Enable calculation and creation of order quantity automaticlly.