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Renotech Transaction Processing System (RTPS) 

RTPS is an application software designed to collect all transaction data from distributed system and store them into centralized database.

Did You Know ?
“Once the business data have been centralized and integrated, the value of database is greater than the sum of the preexisting parts.”

– Larry Ellison (Co-Founder of Oracle Corporation)

renotech transaction processing system



Automated Processing
Process incoming data without the need for human intervention.
Data Integrity
Completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data.
Continuous Availability
High availability and continuous operation operation to provide the ability to keep the business application running without any noticeable downtime.
Ease Of Scalability
Easily expand to accommodate heavier or lighter loads of number of inputs.



  • Perform routine operations and serve as a foundation for other system.
  • Increase efficiency of your system by paperless transactions, reduce manual data entry (errors), speed up transaction process and elimination of redundant steps.
  • Maintain a high degree of data accuracy and integrity.

Real Time Monitoring & Quick Alert

real time monitoring & quick alert

With RTPS, you can monitor the processing status in real time. To detect problems more quickly, there is an alert notification feature through e-mail.

Sample of RTPS Usage for Reporting & Analysis

sample of rtps usage for reporting & analysis

Stored data can be used to provide decision support to managers and business professionals through knowledge discovery.

Main Function


File Processing

  • Batch Processing
  • Real-time Processing

Data Integration

  • Verification
  • Comparison

Process Monitoring

  • Dashboard          
  • Alerting          


  • Reliability          
  • Scalability