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Warehaouse management systemWarehaouse management system

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Early Warehouse Management System Could Only Provide Simple Storage Location Functionally And Data Intensive That They Require A Dedicate Staff To Run Them.
No matter how simple or complex the application is, the goal of a warehouse management system remains the same, to provide management with information it needs to efficiently control to movement of materials within a warehouse.
But in the end, increased profits are the final destination and you don’t earn more simply by selling more – you earn more by selling faster, more accurately and earn more with happy customer.

“Designing and implementing Lean Warehouse Operations can have a great impact on the total supply chain output.”
Lean Warehouse Operations
(RWMS) is web-bassed application that supports the day-to-day operation in a warehouse. With RWMS, companies can reduce human error, maximize efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.



1. Increase Inventory Accuracy

Increase Inventory accuracy

Inventory accuracy is one of vitality important, the challenge lies in achieving it. Out-of-Stock items cause delay for fulfilling Sales Order and then get profit loss if we cannot fulfill it, but paying more for inventory storage and transportation also impacts the bottom lines. With Renotech Warehouse Management System, user can use Real Time Stock Monitoring to forecast, calculating how much product must be produced, identify areas of activity that provides no value-add, help to decrease waste through stock rotation and minimize the cost of having out-of-date, lost or damaged stock.
User can also make significant gains in operational efficiency by accurately knowing where product inventory is, and how much product is available (can be displayed by product, expired or locations), and when it will need to be replenished at any time. Replenishment is one of RSuOS (Renotech Supplier Order System) main feature and can be combined or integrated with RWMS. Please contact RSuOS for further information.

2. Improve Stock Management

improve stock management

To improve the effective and efficient use of stocks for either production or sales order, it is necessary for operators to be able to check which stock of products to take (by expired) and which can be used for the next batch. But to do so requires the staff to be through and quick. With RWMS the user can use Directed Stock Releasing feature, where the user will be directed by the system to take which product either FIFO or FEFO in a certain location without having to know in advance whether in the location there are required products, when products will expire, or how much products are.
This feature is also collaborated with Stock Booking and Releasing feature, where the system will mark the already booked or reserved product so that the fulfillment of one with other sales order will not collide.

3. Increase Warehouse Space Utilization

improve warehouse space utilization

Warehouse are expensive for companies to operate, the cost of the land, building, machinery, labor and the items stored in the warehouse can amount to a significant sum of money. With Directed Put-Away of RWMS, companies can reduce their cost and improve the efficiency of their warehouse by maximizing the space utilization, ensuring that it is possible to store as many items as possible in the most optimum space. RWMS can determine which location is appropriate to put the product to, whether it is on one location or several locations. By using information of how many products will be accepted and when products will expire, the system will look for locations that have the same expiry date (in default configuration one location must have the same expiry date, but the logic is configurable) and have enough space.


This feature is also collaborated with the layout design of product location feature. so the systemcan determine the appropriate place and help the picking process becoming faster. With this feature. warehouse can utilize all available space effeciently and effectively.



1. Real Time Stock Monitoring

Real time stock monitoringProvide real time stock monitoring (by Product, Location, Expired) whenever user needs it.

2. Location Management

Can setup design layout product location strategy with any layout of warehouse.Location management

3. Barcode System

barcode systemReduces the manual entry of data and the inherent risk of typing mistakes (Scanning barcoded data is much faster than typing).

4. Product Expiry Date Management

product expiry date managementImprove efficient product management by adopt First-In-First-Out (ensuring stock is shipped out based on its arrival date at each warehouse).

5. Receiving & Put Away

Receiving & Put AwayBlind receiving (can do multiple receiving for one Delivery Order) and accelerate put away process by calculating space requirement or available capacity and put away product the same day it’s received (Directed Put Away).

6. Inventory Management

inventory managementStock booking and releasing and Directed stock releasing according to FIFO or FEFO and allow to do transfer or move stock from one location to another location or between warehouses.

7. Picking

pickingIntegrated with Renotech Picking and Handheld devices (Barcode System), that make picking process more efficient and effective.

8. Delivery Order

With ASN, receiver is immediately informed of any difference between what was expected, and what has actually been shipped. Delivery Order itself can be group by sales order, one delivery route or other mechanism.Delivery order