Webinar Renotech x Qunie 2021-08-09T14:31:27+07:00

Webinar Title: “Survive in Managing Warehouse Operation Throughout Decrease Order and Operational Limitation Situation”

Date / Time :
August 12th , 14.00 – 15.00 PM


Webinar Content overview:

As the coronavirus pandemic impact is still continuing, companies especially from manufacturing industries are turning the focus on how to keep supply chains running at the lowest cost given the slowdown of overall business. Especially in warehouse operation, companies has been forced to face with contract/payment postpone from customer leading to decrease/fluctuation order, physical distancing rule, limitation in operational working hours that could hamper warehouse operation in terms productivity and cost effectiveness. In this webinar, we will introduce what are the key measures for companies in terms of warehouse activities enhancement coupled with effective Warehouse Management System ( WMS) solution implementation to successfully manage warehouse operation through the rapidly evolving situation.

Key take-aways:

– Understand impact of order change and operational limitation to warehouse operation
– Manage resource effectively to keep productivity based on physical distancing rule
– How technology can help to optimize rapid change situation in warehouse operation


“Adapt with new changes on warehouse operation during pandemic situation.”

Sianturi, Samuel : Project Team Leader of SCM Practice, PT Qunie Consulting Indonesia

In the supply chain context, the role of warehouse is increasingly important in supporting customer service in Covid-19 situation. In terms of fluctuation order due to Covid 19 situation, companies must adapt new operation to manage resource effectively meeting change in customers’ order. Thus, cost reduction initiative must be done as number of orders are started to decrease. Not only reliable human resources that need to be managed, but also goods management, process flow, placement, and key parameters are very crucial for the warehouse. This webinar will describe measures for companies to prepare effective warehouse activities such as picking speed, good layout, order accuracy, etc. to satisfy customer needs precisely & quickly.


Key Solution Introduction

Hari Prabowo, Wisnu : Warehouse Management System Product Manager PT AGCI (Renotech)

This webinar will introduce key solution of Warehouse management Solution ( WMS ) that will be guided by WMS solution partner. There will be introduction of solution service and its functionality. Also, in this webinar, there will be short product demo to understand clearly its functionality and how this solution works that can improve the warehouse operation.

Table of content:

  1. Introduction of Renotech WMS
    1. Features in Renotech WMS
    2. Advantages of Renotech WMS
    3. Why Renotech WMS
  1. Demonstration of Renotech WMS

Case: End to End Flow Order dan Order Fulfilment from warehouse to store