What is Financial Management ?

For business owners such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, most usually build a business based on their passion for one of these businesses. for example the owner of a coffee shop began to build his business based on his passion for the world of coffee. But not all business ventures are started based on their passion. for example the Wedding Organizer business does not mean the owner likes to get married.

But certainly if just by capitalizing only in that field is not enough. There are other responsibilities that must be done so that the business continues to run and develop, such as employee welfare, building better facilities for customers, developing menus, adding branches, and of course the welfare of their owners. That responsibility depends on how you manage your financial management.

When running a business, it is undeniable that the spearhead of whether or not the business is capital. Therefore, the advanced cafe not only has a unique and delicious way of processing and serving drinks, but also must to have good financial management.

How important is financial management in a cafe? It can be said that financial management is like coffee cups or plates of french fries which are not only as containers, but they are also supporting so that coffee brewing and crispness of french fries can be enjoyed safely and comfortably for customers.

Financial management itself generally is an activity of the company to manage revenue and allocate the revenue effectively and to manage assets owned by the company on a regular basis to develop and achieve the company’s goals.

The conclusion is that financial management has a responsibility in creating and maintaining the economic value of a company. And all decision making, of course, must be more focused on the welfare of its employees.