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Warehaouse management systemWarehaouse management system

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Factory / Warehouse

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Suitable for any business

  • Restaurant / cafe

  • Retail

  • Bakery

  • Pharmacy / drug store

  • Boutique

  • Salon / Barbershop

  • Pet shop

  • Food truck

  • Factory

  • Logistics

Advantages of Renotech

  • Experienced in major business field

  • Fully integrated system

  • Excellent business & technical expertise

  • Industrial grade hardware

  • Warranty for software and hardware

Proudly present

Our complete solution tailored to enhance your business perfectly.

  • Warehaouse management system

    Renotech Warehouse Management System

    Manage and maximize performance of your warehouse precisely and easily


  • Renotech POS & Store Solution System

    Upgrade and grow your shop business without limits


  • file transfer management system


    Increase sales potential with promotions and outreach activities through digital video outlets


  • Operation support system

    Renotech Operation Support System

    Support your daily business operations in real time and centrally


  • Consulting

    Renotech Consulting

    Transform your business to become more effective and efficient


  • Supplier order system

    Renotech Supplier Order System

    Manage the entire ordering process from order receipt, validation, processing to replenishment to suppliers


  • Store Order System

    Renotech Store Order System

    Managing the ordering process needed by outlets made easier


  • Finance Accounting System

    Renotech Finance and Accounting System

    Made easier and more accurate to make Financial recording and accounting bookkeeping


  • Production Support System

    Renotech Production Support System

    Upgrade your effectiveness of business production


  • RIS

    Renotech Information System

    Support your business with precise and accurate reports and analysis


  • payroll

    Renotech Payroll System

    Manage payroll, attendance, and employee data easier, more efficient and minimally risky way


  • Promotion

    Renotech Promotion Management System

    Create promotions that suit for your business


  • Renotech Application Integration System

    Integrate applications and services on your enterprise


  • file transfer management system

    Renotech File Transfer Management System

    Fast, secure, and reliable file delivery system


  • Infrastructure Solution

    Renotech Infrastructure Solution

    One stop solution IT Infrastructure for your enterprise


  • Renomeet Secure Online Meeting

    Renomeet Secure Online Meeting

    Start your video conference, Start meetings anywhere and anytime with just one hand.


  • Renocloud Solusi Cloud Indonesia

    Renocloud Indonesia Cloud Solution

    Smart solutions for your data storage. Safe, accessible anytime & anywhere.


  • Infrastructure Solution

    Renotech Hardware

    The best partner for practicality and comfort to support your daily work


Kata mereka tentang Renotech

Mulai kembangkan bisnis Anda dan dapatkan kesuksesan seperti klien kami.

“Renotech adalah sistem terintegrasi yang menunjang berbagai operasional perusahaan.Saat ini kami sudah menggunakan Renotech selama 4 tahun dan program ini sangat membantu operasional perusahaan dalam mengontrol kegiatan operasional dan menyediakan data penunjang yang mudah dipahami (user friendly). Renotech minim bug & customer service nya sangat memuaskan karena quick response dan solutif”

Jimmy (Vice Factory Manager), Takaki

“Program yg terintegrasi, bisa di aktivasi, update, monitor dan kontrol dari pusat, sangat membantu kemajuan bisnis bagi yg memiliki banyak cabang / unit usaha”

Wiyandi (Operation Senior Manager), Mister Donut

“Washoku Sato, menggunakan Program POS Renotech sejak tahun 2018, sejak di bukanya resto Batu tulis, program nya sangat mudah di gunakan karena bisa menyesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dari pihak operational. kemudian di tambah kemudahan jika terjadi masalah penanganannya sangat cepat, di bantu dari team renotech yang siap setiap saat.”

Heri (Operation Manager), Washoku Sato

Our Customer

And many more

Our Company

AGCI was started in 2012 as subsidiary company of PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret Group). Indomaret itself is the biggest retail chains in Indonesia, boasting more than 14.000 stores, 29 distribution centers, and 150.000 employees (Per June 2017).
AGCI vision and mission are to provide comphrehensive and integrated IT solution. AGCI combines unique combination of business consulting, tailormade software development, software integration, and dependable support to customer business needs.AGCI have specialized business SMEs in multiple business areas which have vast experiences in handling large retail and restaurant chain, distribution center. We have proven business grand design methodology that can be applied in providing customer with crystal clear picture regarding current business conditions, while also providing detailed plan on how to move forward and improve customer business.

AGCI also have IT experts in wide IT areas, including system analyst, software developer, quality assurance engineer, solution architect, infrastructure engineer, and project management officer. We have necessary resource and expertise to provide detailed IT software roadmap on how to achieve customer business goals. We also more than able to execute the roadmap by providing and delivering integrated IT solution software, middleware, and hardware.

Our Vision

Ace : Provide the best solutions on it’s field.

Global : Collaborating with global industries to provide the best solution for Indonesia and to bring solutions and Indonesian resources to the global markets.

Consulting : The use of consultation methods to provide maximum value to our customers.

Integration : Providing integrated solutions which is ready to use.

Our Mission

“Providing the best solution and integration for global industries in which we can assure that our solution is the best among the best and could provide assistance to our service users.”


Menara Indomaret, Jl. Boulevard Pantai Indah Kapuk – Lantai 15, Kel. Kamal Muara,
Kec. Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, 14470


(021) 2158-4028

(+62) 821 8900 8890 (WhatsApp)