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Master Data

Laporan Bisnis

Finance & Accounting


Sistem Anda adalah sebuah investasi.

Pilih solusi terbaik sekarang.

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One stop system solution

Sistem Anda adalah sebuah investasi.

Pilih solusi terbaik sekarang.

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Dapatkan Demo Gratis !

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Suitable for any business

  • Restaurant / cafe

  • Retail

  • Bakery

  • Pharmacy / drug store

  • Boutique

  • Salon / Barbershop

  • Pet shop

  • Food truck

  • Factory

  • Logistics

Advantages of Renotech

  • Experienced in major business field

  • Fully integrated system

  • Excellent business & technical expertise

  • Industrial grade hardware

  • Warranty for software and hardware

Proudly present

Our complete solution tailored to enhance your business perfectly.

  • Renotech POS & Store Solution System

    Managing one store is easy, but growing your store can be a big challenge if you don’t have the right system from the beginning


  • Warehaouse management system

    Renotech Warehouse Management System

    Inventory visualization and accuracy at ease in your warehouse


  • file transfer management system

    Renotech File Transfer Management System

    Fast, secure, and reliable file transfer management system


  • Consulting

    Renotech Consulting

    Transform your business


  • Production Support System

    Renotech Production Support System

    Optimize your production


  • RIS

    Renotech Information System

    Accelerate your business further with sharp and timely decision making


  • Operation support system

    Renotech Operation Support System

    Improve your field visit efficiency


  • Finance Accounting System

    Renotech Finance and Accounting System

    Handling administration in financial bookkeeping and registration


  • Promotion

    Renotech Promotion Management System

    Reach your customer better


  • master data management system

    Renotech Master Data Management System

    Accelerate your business further with sharp


  • Store Order System

    Renotech Store Order System

    Order management never gets any easier


  • Supplier order system

    Renotech Supplier Order System

    Streamline your supply chain


  • transaction processing system

    Renotech Transaction Processing System

    Collect your all transaction business data


  • Renotech Application Integration System

    Integrate applications and services accross your enterprise


  • mobile data management

    Renotech Mobile Device Management System

    Monitoring and controlling in your hand


  • portal system

    Renotech Portal System

    Simplify and secure your system access


  • Monitoring system

    Renotech System Monitoring

    Monitoring availability and performance your enterprise level system application


  • access management system

    Renotech Access Management System

    Secure, flexible, and easy to remote access your system


  • Infrastructure Solution

    Renotech Infrastructure Solution

    Your one stop IT Infrastructure solution right here


Our Customer

Indomaret Group

One of the biggest mini market and convenience store chains in Indonesia, with more than 14.000 stores, 29 branches, and distribution centers (per June 2017). Each store sells more than 5.000 product items.

Mister Donut

One of the biggest doughnut chains in Indonesia and globally, consists of several flagship stores, and hundreds shop in shop in Indomaret stores. Have several warehouses and kitchen across Indonesia.

Takaki Indoroti Prima

Frozen dough factory, supplying high quality material for breads.

Our Company

AGCI was started in 2012 as subsidiary company of PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret Group). Indomaret itself is the biggest retail chains in Indonesia, boasting more than 14.000 stores, 29 distribution centers, and 150.000 employees (Per June 2017).
AGCI vision and mission are to provide comphrehensive and integrated IT solution. AGCI combines unique combination of business consulting, tailormade software development, software integration, and dependable support to customer business needs.AGCI have specialized business SMEs in multiple business areas which have vast experiences in handling large retail and restaurant chain, distribution center. We have proven business grand design methodology that can be applied in providing customer with crystal clear picture regarding current business conditions, while also providing detailed plan on how to move forward and improve customer business.

AGCI also have IT experts in wide IT areas, including system analyst, software developer, quality assurance engineer, solution architect, infrastructure engineer, and project management officer. We have necessary resource and expertise to provide detailed IT software roadmap on how to achieve customer business goals. We also more than able to execute the roadmap by providing and delivering integrated IT solution software, middleware, and hardware.

Our Vision

Ace : Provide the best solutions on it’s field.

Global : Collaborating with global industries to provide the best solution for Indonesia and to bring solutions and Indonesian resources to the global markets.

Consulting : The use of consultation methods to provide maximum value to our customers.

Integration : Providing integrated solutions which is ready to use.

Our Mission

“Providing the best solution and integration for global industries in which we can assure that our solution is the best among the best and could provide assistance to our service users.”

Head Office – Indomaret Building

Jl. Terusan Angkasa Blok B2 Kav.1 – 7th floor
Gunung Sahari Selatan – Kemayoran
Jakarta Pusat 10610
+62 21 290 704 88
+62 821 8900 8890 (Whatsapp)