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Solution Portofolio


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AGCI solution portfolio are very unique since it consists of 5 areas : Business consulting, application software, development framework, middleware software and hardware, and IT infrastructure. Those 5 areas can be applied to every business domain to provide comprehensive, integrated, and tailormode IT solution to our valued customers. We have experience and expertise in applying proper software solution methodology and project management, both for small and large scale projects.
Architecture Portofolio Renotech

Renotech Software


Using our expertise and experience in retail, distributioin, and telco areas, AGCI has built integrated software solution under Renotech software brand. We has built ready to use Renotech software application, Renotech customization framework, Renotech middleware application, and Renotech hardware to provide integrated solution to help address every customer business needs.

Renotech software application will address customer business needs in its whole business ecosystem. We provice software solution ranging from point of sales, store back office, master data management, merchandising management, promotion management, order management, operation support, and information system.

Our experiences in delivering integrated and tailormade solution will enable customer business to grab and realize sales potential growth, limit day sales of inventory, manage integrated master data across organization, manage promotion effectively, monitor operation efficiently, and to be able to view reporting and analyze data through information system.

We also provide Ace Customization Frameworks to build tailormade software much faster with much higher software quality.
Ace Customization Frameworks includes :
  • Ace Desktop Framework
  • Ace Web Framework
  • Ace Mobile Framework

Do You Know ?

Using integrated software solution will enable company to focus more on meeting its custsomer needs.

Ace Framework


Ace customization frameworks are build on top of open source technologies. We applied software development best practices including use of widely accepted software development best practices including use of widely accepted open standards, service oriented architecture, configuration minded, component and module based software packages, and easier integration to other software application.

Using Ace customization frameworks, we are able to built tailormade software faster since most modules and components are already available and can be reused. Integration to other software application are also easier with adapter, loosely coupled design, and service oriented architecture.

For Ace Desktop and Ace Mobile Framework, since some customer operation will require standalone environment, we built frameworks that can be used to produce standalone application, as well as online system when network connection are available.

Renotech Middleware


To fully integrate various software application in entreprise setup, we provide various middleware products to complement our software offering. These middleware products will enable full end-to-end software integration in customer software architecture.
Renotech Middleware includes :
  • Renotech Management System
  • Renotech File Transfer Management System
  • Renotech Single Sign On
  • Renotech Application Integration

Renotech middleware application wil enable full integration between various customer software ecosystem. Key design points are : use of widely accepted open standards, service oriented architecture, easy integration through configuration and adapter, small system resources (CPU, memory) footprints for its agent.

Renotech Hardware


We provide technology demand for further technology advancement. With our advantage, expertise and outstanding skill especially in retail industry, we can take business into a new generation for further convenience and enjoyment in everyday work. We work hard to ensure each and every one of our products remains every bit as user-friendly as it is advanced. Harnessing creativity and experience to explore customer needs to find suitable, wearable and required product.